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Empowerment, Responsibility and living with cancer

In the beginning after the first cancer diagnosis I looked everywhere outside myself for the cause of the breast cancer and blamed ‘God and the world’ for it.

After having sessions with Serge Benhayon and starting to study with Universal Medicine about energy I also learned more about myself.

I started to look honestly at how I was living and how I was treating myself, which was not pleasant to feel.

I slowly made changes in all areas of my life and took responsibility for it. I am not a victim anymore.

I feel so good and well because I am taking responsibility and because I have made and am still making changes in my life and not just having surgeries and then going back to my old ways of living and feeling and doing things.

You can’t get new results by doing the same thing! Since changing the way I treat and care for myself I have changed my life and this gives me a great sense of wellness even though my body still has the physical reality of having cancer. This has supported me greatly to no longer feel like I am defined by my disease.

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